Boredom prank call

If you are a pothead yourself, then you are already quite aware of the transforming power of cannabis. You are quite a different person today than you were during the days leading up to your first trip into the wow-zone. Other than for some nagging doubts lurking common senseyou see nothing really wrong with getting stoned, and you probably believe that marijuana is a boon to mankind, a wonderful medicine, a miracle drug that would make the world a much better place if everyone would just get stoned, and evil anti-marijuana laws were repealed.

Boredom prank call

Adultivity The state or condition of being an adult. I don't want to alarm anyone, but there's a little al-key-hol in this punch.

Why should we leave America to visit America Junior? America's Wang A term coined by Homer in reference to Florida's shape, compared to the rest of the United States, resembling a flaccid penis.

But that's America's Wang! They prefer "The Sunshine State". In Japan he is supposedly thought to live on the Moon. John voiced by guest star John Waters mentions the name in the episode " Homer's Phobia ".

Heard in " Secrets of a Successful Marriage " Appling The process of using Photoshop to add rosy "apple" to someone's cheeks and make them more attractive. Waylon Smithers apples Mr. Burns face to make him appear more benevolent on the cover of a newspaper. Seen in " Fraudcast News ".

Assal Horizontology A term for a medical procedure coined by Dr. Nick Riviera in " King-Size Homer. While prescribing a diet consisting of a steady gorging process for Homer, Dr.

Nick suggests that it be combined with assal horizontology. Presumably, he means lying down - or more likely, sitting on your ass in an almost horizontal position.

Possible also that he means to gain so much weight causing Homer's ass to expand horizontally Avoision Kent Brockman's conflation of the words avoidance and evasion in " Bart the Fink. I say sabot-age" rhyming with the word badge. The term avoision originated in the literature of the anti-taxation movement in the U.

Banjoologist An expert in banjo based musical styles. In the episode " Home Away from Homer ", Lisa listens to a radio program on obscure music, and hears the host refer to a guest as a banjoologist, using "-ology" as the suffix for the study of a subject or sometimes the subject itself, although this is technically incorrect.

Bartesque An invented French word that means "being like Bart " i. But it involves being a bit underhanded, a bit devious, a bit, as the French say: Basegame A variant of baseball, but without a ball, offered at Springfield Elementary while the school's only ball was being repaired.

Boredom prank call

Burns 's name for a bath. I'm going to take a bathiola, and when I get back, one of you better be laughing. Beginualize A mixture of "actualize" and "begin", used by a counsellor teaching Marge and Maggie the C. Bemusement Park An amusement park that bemuses instead of amuses.

Oh, Maude, I've turned your dream of a Christian amusement park into a be-musement park. Don't say that, Ned! It's a bemusement park! The phrase might also be intended as a play on letter grading from A-musement to B-musement. Whereas "B-musement" suggests the park is second rate and explains his strong spoken emphasis of the letter "b", "bemusement" suggests the attendees simply fail to understand the religious park's message.

Betsy Bleedingheart A person or organisation who tries to get sympathy with the public. A non-profit organization with oil; I won't allow it! An oil well doesn't belong in the hands of some Betsy Bleedingheart or Maynard G.

Blingwad Unclassified transformed matter.Onomatopoeia in conversation, literature, slang and the web. babble. 1. to talk enthusiastically or excessively, 2.

to utter meaningless or unintelligible sounds. imitative origin. As escapism, The Open House is a good diversion, but not lacking in seriousness. Giacomo Girolamo Casanova (Italian pronunciation: [ˈdʒaːkomo dʒiˈrɔːlamo kazaˈnɔːva] or [kasaˈnɔːva]; 2 April – 4 June ) was an Italian adventurer, Scottish Rite Master Mason and author from the Republic of Venice.

His autobiography, Histoire de ma vie (Story of My Life), is regarded as one of the most authentic sources of the customs .

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Boredom: Prank Call Essay reason that I you think boredom can get you in trouble is because you can get your bored some people prank call people for fun depending on their aghe they can get fined or arrested.I went on my computer and typed in things to do when your bored,two things that came up were prank calling people and.

"The Shell" is the twentieth episode of Season 3 of The Amazing World of is the ninety-sixth episode overall. Synopsis. After accidentally cracking open Penny's shell, Gumball encourages her to show the world who she really is..


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