Ernest green movie review

The strength of these nine students will inspire you and cause you to stand up and cheer, and then cause you to cry at the misfortunes they had to suffer to tear down the racial walls. This Brilliant cast will capture your hearts, and leave you feeling good. My mother was a student during this time, and has shared first-hand stories with me about this historical event. This movie has accurately portrayed events just as she remembered them.

Ernest green movie review

They don hippie disguises and cruise around New Mexico on a motorcycle robbing banks. They have a surefire technique called the old canary routine. They simply let a bird loose in the bank and then calmly go about robbing one of the tellers while all the guards are running frantically around trying to catch the little birdie.

But seriously, there was a chance that this could have been a decent movie with sharp social commentary on money issues facing the elderly. Apparently that's what kind of movie Bette Davis thought she was making since she sued the producers over the final cut, claiming they had censored her dialogue and ruined the film.

The end result is a slapstick mess whose main selling point is the sight of the 63 year old Davis in hippie garb riding on the back of that cc Triumph TRW Trophy hog. The story begins with elderly widow Bunny O'Hare Davis having her home foreclosed and by foreclosed I mean bulldozed to the ground by a bank.

She crosses paths with used plumbing parts salesman Bill Green Borgnine who's there to scavenge her toilet before the house is razed. He offers her a ride but soon realizes Bunny isn't going to be easy to get rid of.

He makes a few humorous attempts to ditch her but before he can she finds a wanted poster in the back of his trailer and learns he is a bank robber on the lam; real name William Gruenwald.

Bunny blackmails Bill into teaching her the ins and outs of robbing banks. When they see a group of hippies protesting in front of their targeted branch, they have the inspired idea of disguising themselves like they're in the cast of HAIR.

The cops, after all, will never suspect these two elderly types as being hippie bank robbers. Besides seeking revenge on the banks, Bunny has the added motivation of supporting her two good for nothing middle-aged kids played by John Astin and Reva Rose.

These two have a few short but funny scenes on the phone with their mother, always asking for more money. Bette Davis proves she was still game for just about anything in this brash but ultimately futile attempt to connect with the counterculture generation.

She even takes a few spills off that motorcycle while looking completely ridiculous in a long wig, floppy hat and hippie shawl see photo. Although they clearly used a stunt double in some of the long shots, both she and Borgnine did much of their own motorcycle riding. Bunny O'Hare was made at the height of the hippie era.

Bette Davis had been making movies for 40 years and would continue acting in them for another Right up till her death in in fact. As a cinematic curiosity Bunny O'Hare is priceless, as movie entertainment not so much.Entertainment portal for movie, television and game reviews, news, links, articles, and more.

(The first movie in that series was 's Wild, Wild Planet.

Ernest green movie review

One of the cheesy-looking creatures. The Green Slime is now considered a camp classic thanks to its atrocious special effects, silly-looking alien creatures, and composer Charles Fox's rock 'n' roll title song.

We review every (all nine) Ernest movies, starting with Jim Varney’s Dr. Otto And the Riddle of The Gloom Beam, available free on YouTube. A top 10 free movie on YouTube, surely.

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Director: Eric Laneuville.

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