Internet customer acquisition strategy at bankinter

This takeover constitutes a remarkable boost to the growth strategy of the bank and to the consolidation of Bankinter as a bank with a European vocation and reach. Under the purchase agreement signed today, the Spanish institution will pay a multiple of 0.

Internet customer acquisition strategy at bankinter

More Essay Examples on Allied Colloids Rubric Cibas Specialty Company had discovered the benefits that they could derive from working as one business entity with Allied Colloid as they could enable them share the good reputation that they were holding in the marketplace. Allied Colloid was also in the business sectors that Cibas was interested in, so by acquiring Allied Colloid, Cibas could find it easy to carry business operations in those business sectors like water treatment among others Feller On the other hand, Cibas bought Allied Colloids because of the competition that the company was posing for it in the business environment.

Internet customer acquisition strategy at bankinter

This was one of the ways, which the company was using to eliminate the competition in the market. In carrying out an acquisition Cibas Specialty Company would be able to facilitate quick achievement of its strategic goals as it was likely to benefit from the synergies of working together Feller How did Ciba value the gains from the merger or acquisition?

As presented in the case study about Cibas, Ciba Specialty Company did not use only one method to value the benefits that would acquire from the acquisition. The company used a variety of methods in calculating the benefits of the acquisitions. Some of the method that was used includes the use of asset valuation method whereby Cibas Specialty Company calculated the value of the assets that it had acquired from the takeover by comparing the values with the market prices.

The earnings per share of the activities of the company Internet customer acquisition strategy at bankinter assessed to determine the profitability of the various business activities of the company Feller As presented in the case study Fellerthe historical values were also used for the valuation of long term assets that had been acquired for a long time like the machines and the buildings of the company.

In order for the company to update its financial statements to look more realistic and also to comply with the accounting standards, the company used the future valuation technique; which encompassed the earning that the company y would be able to derive from the takeover target.

In this case the economic profits of the company were calculated so as to determine the costs that could arise in investing in the acquisition. The profits that could be foregone would then be calculated so that informed decisions would be reached at in assessing the values that could arise in the acquisition.

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Cibas Specialty Company was able to calculate the value of gains from the acquisition by determining the benefits that it could derive from the synergistic efforts in achieving its growth objectives and a high profitability status Feller Finally the other method that was used to value the acquisition is the discounted cash flow method in which different discounting factors were applied for calculating the net present value of the investment over a given period of time that Cibas Specialty Company had planned to make the investments Feller As presented in the case study, Ciba Specialty Company was able to have an increase in its income from the various business operations.

This was evidence from the synergy that the company had acquired by entering into an acquisition deal with Allied Colloid. The earning before tax increased tremendously despite the unstable economic conditions that were prevailing in the market during that time. These high figures in the income section were shown in the balance sheet as a good financial position for the company Feller As presented in the Feller Cibas specialty company, when Cibas specialty company acquired Allied Colloid Company, the shareholders contributions as represented in the balance sheet and the other financial statements suffered a lot whereby the figures of those contributions reduced a.

The reason for the reduction was because company used the shareholders finances to finance the costs of the acquisition Feller In the cases where the company acquires a target company it will face the burden of paying for the benefits that it is acquiring from the target company.

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The costs that the firm will incur are called the acquisition premiums. In the case study Cibas Specialty Company made a write off of CHF one million that was associated with the coats and charges that it had incurred in the acquisition.

The income from the sales activities increased, as it was able to offer its products and services to a wide variety of customers.

This was made position by the exploration of the markets, which were being operated by Allied Colloid. Initially, before Cibas Specialty Company Feller had entered into an acquisition deal, it had many strategic goals and objectives, that it wanted to accomplish in its business operations in the marketplace.

These goals could help it to deal with the competition that was emerging. Some of the goals involved the expansion of its business activities, which would help them create a strong supply chain, which would be profitable to the business.

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In addition to that Cibas Specialty Company had wanted to promote its production activities, by creating new ways in which the business would carry on its activities.The case involves SWOT, Pros and Cons of different strategies employed by Bankinter, Customer Profitability Analysis, Insights and Recommendations to improve p Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

This acquisition strategy requires a disciplined approach by management in three dimensions. First, you must be willing to make investments early, long before your competitors and the market see the industry’s or company’s potential.

Bankinter, a relatively small Spanish bank, has a large presence as an Internet financial services provider. Leading the way to profitability through the Internet will give Bankinter a major competitive advantage over the larger, more established Spanish banks.

Ann Peralta, director of the Internet. The acquisition was funded through a special purpose vehicle managed by SAV Credit and Värde Partners and funded by Värde as well as SAV Credit’s existing private equity investors Palamon Capital Partners, Electra Private Equity and Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners.

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Jan 10,  · REV: MARCH 16, F. ASÍS MARTÍNEZ-JEREZ V.G. NARAYANAN Internet Customer Acquisition Strategy at Bankinter I believe that God must have made the Internet for Bankinter, so that the bank could progress and grow stronger.

— Juan Arena, Bankinter Chairman There is a series of comic.

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