My first time on an airplane

Planes are really really safe. Your chances of dying in a plane accident are 1 in 7 million. Your chances of dying in a car accident are 1 in 5, So there's nothing to worry about!

My first time on an airplane

Although please check the rules specific to your departing and destination countries. You will be required to walk through a security scanning machine designed for people. Follow the guidance given by the staff at the airport. Some of these scanners allow you to just walk through.

Others require you to turn to one side, place your hands in the air above your head and wait for a revolving scanner to spin around. You will then collect all your items which you placed on the conveyor system of the security scanner.

This will speed up the line behind you.

The Days Before Your Flight

Immigration If you are on an international flight you might come across a passport control station before or after the security check. You will have to stand in line and wait your turn. The Immigration Officer will want to see your passport and boarding pass so have them ready.

Some countries also require you to complete a departure card which will be provided to you at check-in or can be found in this area. If you hold a Business or First Class ticket you might have access to an airline lounge.

This is often a quieter and more luxurious waiting area. If you are not fortunate enough to be flying in the premium cabin you can still buy a lounge pass. You must always be mindful of the details for your flight.

Check your boarding pass and the screen monitors on display throughout the airport. Look for your flight number and the boarding gate. Keep in mind how long it might take you to walk to the gate. Flight Information Screen You should then listen for boarding calls for your flight or keep checking the TV monitors.

It is not uncommon for the gate of your flight to change before you actually board the plane. Quite recently one of my flights changed boarding gates 3 times in the hour before boarding began. If possible try to go to the toilet in the airport before you board the flight.

My first time on an airplane

Unexpected delays or turbulence might mean it could be a while before you can use the toilet again. Also have a pen handy plus your passport and accommodation details. On many international flights you can be handed an immigration and customs form.

If you are able to complete this on the aircraft before you land it will save you time on the ground. Boarding procedure for a flight Whilst airlines may vary their process there is usually a standard format to the boarding of a flight.

Firstly, in what is known as a pre-board process you will often see elderly and disabled people being allowed to board the flight.

Since they are less mobile than other passengers the airline staff like to assist them and give them more time to get settled on the plane.

In some places they may also call for families with young children to board early. I noticed this happens a lot in India yet it sometimes feels as though most of the travellers there are in families with young children! Staff at the boarding gate will then tannoy to say that premium passengers can board the flight.

This will be those who hold a First or Business Class ticket. They will often scan your ticket and then wish you a pleasant flight. If you are travelling to the US then you are likely to be asked a few more security questions by a security officer.

Whilst in the tunnel or just before, you are likely to see people collecting any duty free items they have bought whilst in the airport. If you are one of these people then have your receipt handy as you collect your purchase.

When you are on board the plane At the end of the jet bridge you will enter the aircraft.I clearly remember my first airplane ride. It was in my last year of high school, and instead of taking the the usual mainstream trip to Lloret Del Mar (Costa Brava, Spain), my friends and I decided to go to Italy.

First Time Flying: Flying can be scary. Maybe you already know that your odds of being in a plane crash are astronomically low, but you still might get anxious during your first time flying if you don’t know what to expect.

Mar 06,  · The engines roar, the plane can shake and the quarters can be tight. Flying for the first time can be an unnerving experience without knowing what to . My sister had called me and invited me to come to Florida two weeks before. Walking through the automatic doors I enter the airport for the first time on my own.

Turbulence is Usually Minor

My fear. I saw a plane on runway first time, it was thrilling, i saw many things first time in my life like drinking water tap at airport, air hostess, runway etc. so at that night i did not sleep only explored the airport. Before you book your flight for those first time flying When I was experiencing my first time flying most people used a travel agent to book their flight tickets.

I found this quite useful since I could speak to a real person and ask questions about flight options, going to the airport and the whole flight experience.

Tips for first-time or rusty flyers