Writing websites for college students

These few resources can assist students in developing and mastering writing in academia. Strategies for Essay Writing — Harvard College Writing Center Harvard College provides an amazing free resource online for students who need help with writing essays on any subject.

Writing websites for college students

OpenStudy Advertising When you need to study hard for exams, you can access OpenStudy and become part of study groups for history, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and other courses you take.

Sworkit When you forget about the importance of exercising, this app will remind you that there is always time for investing in your health and fitness.

At this website, you can easily hire a professional editor to smooth out the content and start getting better grades on your academic assignments. Now you can spend your time productively when waiting in line or taking long walks.

Academic Research

Half You can save a small fortune by buying and selling your textbooks online. There are other websites with a similar purpose, but Half is the easiest one to use. Mint Gaining budgeting wisdom takes time and effort, but everything will go much more smoothly with the help of Mint — a free app that will categorize and organize the expenses for you.

InstaGrok At this website, you can research the topic of your interest and get a customizable concept map that will help you make the studying materials cooler. You will easily remember important information thanks to the interactive visual interface.

StudyBlue No matter how much you dislike taking notes and making flashcards, those learning strategies are important if you want to make your studying easier. StudyBlue enables you to make fun flashcards and take notes anywhere, anytime.Luckily, there are many apps and websites that will improve their skills of time management, planning, brainstorming, writing, socializing, and many other aspects of student life.

In this article you will find a list of 25 websites, apps and tools that will immediately turn you into a smarter student. They offer all possible services any student might need: technical writing, academic writing, copywriting, website content, science papers, test and even IT projects.

Their specific features include: US or UK writers, summary page, various writers level to choose from, additional editor help and much more.

writing websites for college students

Backpack - Backpack is the ultimate organizational Web app for college students. It allows users to take notes online, create to-do lists, keep schedules and much more. Student Loan Calculator - This student loan calculator from the College Board makes it easy for college students to stay on top of their student loan payments.

I know that most college students are extremely busy with homework, jobs, family, you name it. But if you really want to be a serious writer, there’s no time like the present to begin the balancing act.

Links to Grammar and Writing Sites The following grammar and writing resource sites are free of charge and offer useful help with many common grammar and writing topics.

Some of the sites provide very helpful feedback in the form of interactive grammar quizzes; you may print useful handouts from other sites. The Guide to Grammar and Writing is sponsored by the Capital Community College Foundation, a nonprofit c-3 organization that supports scholarships, faculty development, and curriculum metin2sell.com you feel we have provided something of value and wish to show your appreciation, you can assist the College and its students with .

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